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Sources and Further Reading:


 Basic overview of pectus excavatum:

Pectus excavatum has no known cause:

Pectus carinatum:

Pectus tests:



Ultrasound might make your baby a leftie:


Nuss and Ravitch:


Chance that after surgery your chest falls back in:


Inheritance of pectus: 


Pectus in hieroglyphics:


Vacuum bell surgery for pectus:


Also cats get pectus:



General articles:


Academic reviews: (graph of calcium paradox)


Peak bone mass:



Hollow bones:


Bones are 40% calcium:


Dairy makes you feel more full subjectively:


Other foods with calcium:


Oregano and other food measurements data taken from here:


Further reading:



Kids getting trapped in refrigerators:



History of ice boxes:


Overview of refrigeration cycle:


Refrigerator compressor:


Magnetic refrigeration:


The impact of refrigerants on their environment:


Amish people still getting ice the old fashioned way:


Acoustic refrigeration:


Refrigeration and organ transplants:


Failure and different types of mechanical testing:  (Intro to Materials Science textbook, see chapter 8 )


Fatigue Testing


Fatigue testing of chairs:


Hardness Testing


Further reading on hardness: 


Fatigue testing videos so you can protest the injustices of chair testing:


Wing test:

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