Sometimes people want to talk to me on their podcasts. Feel free to listen.

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sammie pod.jpg

A video podcast, watch me pitch a conspiracy theory.


I was on Episode 7.

A silly podcast about pitching inventions, with a bunch of funny friends.

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luis pod.jpg

This podcast no longer exists, but I did one episode and had a nice time. Luis is very funny and a friend and you should check him out.

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I was on like 1 minute of their live episode.

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I recorded an episode, but they haven't released it yet. I don't hold it against them, they are also funny friends. 


Also forthcoming, a very heavy episode about the history of eugenics.


Christiana is one of my closest friends and one of the funniest people I know, so check her and the podcast out.

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Unreleased because it's a fake podcast, by the master of pranks, Scott Holt.


A classic interview style

video podcast.


Another video podcast, I'm interviewed in the second half of the show.


This is the first podcast I ever did, listen to me be awkward and not sure how to talk on air.