Snack Attack! Comedy SHow

Snack Attack started as a live comedy show combined with a cooking competition. Part gut-busting laughs, part gut-filling snacks, over the course of the show, hosts Ben Miller and Mark Henely served up hilarious comedians while simultaneously making a snack from scratch. At the end of the show, the audience decided who made the best dish.

Looking to the future, they filmed a few episodes of a Web Series, but the pandemic forced the Snack Attack boys to become creative. So they took the Web Series to Zoom where they made their comedian friends to eat weird snacks and partake in mind games to decide if either Mark or Ben was the ultimate snack champion. 

In 2022, the Web Series returned to an in-person format, seeing Mark challenge Ben with increasingly strange snacks that he would have to make into desserts to please the comedians judging his creation. Also, the show went international and had a run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, introducing Scottish people American snacks and jokes.

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Bomb Mode

Bomb mode cypher is a stand-up project conceived by Mark Henely. A take on rap cypher videos, this series takes comics to an apocalyptic location where they form a semi-circle and perform their best bits in a rapid-fire cypher. 

I'm not as in touch with "the youths" as Mark, so I simply film, edit, and co-produce the videos. This project is his baby that I get to raise sometimes. Please check it out as it features us and some of our favorite comics from the NY/NJ scene.