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About Ben


Ben Miller   is an NYC   based comedian who has been working for the past 6   years. 


In that time,  he has performed at all the top clubs in the city   such as Broadway Comedy Club, Stand Up NY, Eastville, Carolines,  and The Stand. In addition, he has performed in the Boston Comedy Festival, 5th Borough Comedy Festival and Ithaca Comedy Festival.  This summer, he will be going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to tell an hour of science jokes based on his web series, Stand-Up Science.


He is currently ranked as the top roast battler in NYC.  I know, how could such a sweet boy like this say such mean things?

In his spare time, he enjoys not having to come up with things to write on a website.

About Ben


[1] Pictured above, below, and throughout this website.

[2] New York City

[3] He actually tried comedy a couple times in High School, then not again for years. He is ashamed to admit it because he feels this secret might undermine the serious work he has put in for the past 6 years.

[4] Time

[5] With one very notable exception. 

[6] He bombed very badly his first time there and hasn't been back since. 

[7] Made you look.

[8] Yes, really.

[9] He also loves to bake and even started learning to crochet